our workflow

There are 8 basic steps to completing a website.

Client Quote Acceptance

It all has to start somewhere and you accepting our great quote serves as a kick-off point to you having a great website. At this point we create a development space on our server and send you a link that enables you to check how your website is coming along at any time that suits you.

Complete onboarding form

There is some info we will always need from you. To make things easier we have designed an online "welcome to our tribe" form to collect the info from you.

Define the ideal client

This is a critical step as the entire design focuses on creating a website that will attract your ideal client or customer.

Collect all the relevant content

You are very much a part of my design process as it will be your website after all. During this phase I collect all the relevant info from you.

Layout design with content

Armed with all the info you have provided me I perform a layout design for your approval. This is where we iron out any bits that you think can possibly be improved.

Client acceptance

You know your clients better than I do. Your agreement and acceptance of the final layout and content is important to ensure we have not missed anything important.

Final design changes and testing

By now all the niggly bits have been attended to and we ask that you check the functionality of the website. This is for both our peace of mind.

Final acceptance and launch

Tadaaa! Time to launch the site. Registration with the search engines is completed and the site is transferred to the live domain server. The site is handed over to you in an online training session that enables you to maintain and update your site by yourself should you want to. You sit back in amazement that the entire process was so easy...