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"Great looking websites are good. Great looking websites that convert visitors to customers are better"

About us

Online Persona has been involved in the web development industry since 2001. We have developed a large number of successful sites.

Our mission

To produce professional and effective websites that adhere to the highest international standards.

Our offer


The purpose of a website is to communicate information in such a way that it is clearly and easily read and digested.<br> We take your ideas and create a website that is clean and concise.<br>We also provide basic SEO as a standard service.

Latest Technology

It is important to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology so as to keep your website current and to extract the maximum benefit from it. We use the WordPress development platform WordPress currently powers 74,6 million sites worlwide.

Fast and secure

We have a collection of web objects that are easily customisable and assist in the rapid development of websites. This typically leads to fast and reliable project completion. Sites are rapidly deployed to any web-hosting provider.

Our services

Website Design

We provide a full range of services from domain registration to final website launch. The most important aspect of a good website is the ability to communicate your offering or value proposition clearly and effectively to your target customer. Correctly defining your ideal customer is critical to online success.

Web Content

Grabbing a potential client's attention and retaining it is the focus of all our design. You have about 5-8 seconds to achieve this when a new visitor lands on your page. Retaining that very short attention span is achieved by providing relevant content that will interest your visitor and convert them into a client.

Web Hosting & Email

All web hosting is not created equal. If you are running an online shop it is critical to have fast, secure and reliable hosting.
For WordPress sites it is also preferable to have Linux web servers.
We monitor up-time on your behalf to ensure your website is working day and night.

Web Marketing

Simply having a website displayed online will not draw any clients. Any site has to be marketed so that clients searching online will see your site in search engines and click on your link to view your offers.
We provide Adwords and social media campaigns as well as data mining for email campaigns and sales lead generation

On Page & Ongoing SEO

Search engine optimisation drives organic (non-paid) growth and is critical. A website that is not search engine compliant is equivalent to "winking in the dark". The site exists but nobody knows about it. We concentrate on improving the quality score in Google to get your website on the first page of a Google search.

Web development

Creating an online shop is much more than merely setting up the software that drives the purchases. The initial stock has to be captured and categorised. Also one has to set up a payment portal so you get paid and a courier portal so that the customers receive their goods. we hand over a fully functional shop ready to trade.

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